Department of Physics

Ozgur Yavuzcetin
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics

Dr. Yavuzcetin is an experimental physicist investigating the nature of nanostructures and sensors. His current research interests focus on sensors, instrument design & development and nanofabrication.

Ozgur Yavuzcetin worked as an Associate Research Scientist at Northeastern University. He used his expertise in electronic and optical signal processing techniques, Materials Science, nano-fabrication and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). He is an executive committee member of the Center for Functional Nanomaterials at Brookhaven National Lab. He has nanofabrication experience at the most prestigious clean-room labs nationwide, including University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Northwestern University, Harvard University and Brookhaven National Lab.

He has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in analog and digital electronics, and building real-time data acquisition systems for scientific projects/experiments. He has built anodization and impedance measurement turnkey systems, including hardware and machined component designs. He also has experience with wireless communication protocols and microcontroller protocols, including UART and I2C. He has built real-time wireless ECG/EEG systems.

He has published more than 15 articles on his work in nanophotonics, nanofabrication, self-assembly, sensors, brainwaves and fuel-cell membranes. He holds an issued patent in nanophotonics and has a non-provisional patent in the area of EEG. He has given more than 20 presentations worldwide at international conferences and institutions.

He worked on many DARPA projects and he has received the prestigious NSF Innovation Corps (I-CorpsTM) grant where he served as the entrepreneurial lead. Throughout this grant he and his team founded their company NeuroFieldz based on a system of measuring and analyzing electric fields of the brain at higher resolution where he served as the president of the company.