Connecting to Web Storage using a Macinstosh: WebDAV

To access your Web Storage account using WebDAV from a Macintosh computer running 10.4+ WEBDAV is built into the mac OS.

This is the recommended method for connecting to Web Storage from a Macintosh.

After you login to the Mac click on the "GO" menu and click on "Connect to Server":

For students enter the following address, for faculty and staff enter where username is your UW-W Net-ID. The click "Connect"

You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter your UW-W Net-ID username and password and click "OK".

You will now be connected to Student Storage or Faculty/Staff Web Storage. Students will see PRIVATE, WEB and any CLASS STORAGE accounts you have, faculty and staff will see their FACSTAFF and any web accounts they have. You will be able to drag and drop items back and forth as a regular hard drive.

You are now connected to your accounts via WebDav, to disconnect from your storage account do one of the following.

You can ctrl+click on the icon on your desktop and select eject or from with in the finder window click on the eject button next to the networkdrive.

To upload pages:
After entering your WEB folder account, upload the files by dragging them into the proper folder.  Note that the first page you want to come up must be named “index.htm” (or “index.html”) for others to see it by default; otherwise, the page will display an error.

To view your website:
You can view your website by visiting your address or

Note: The images in this tutorial are taken from a lab machine, your office Mac or personal Mac may not be indentical in all the images.

For assistance with Online Storage Options, contact the Helpdesk: 262.472.4357 or