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The facstaff.uww.edu Web server is the home of Internet publishing for faculty and staff members at UW-Whitewater. All faculty and staff who are interested can obtain a Web site on this server. This Web site can be used for a personal homepage, Web-based instructional documents and applications, or topics of special interest such as those related to a professional organization.

Access to Web Storage - webbe.uww.edu

UW-Whitewater faculty and staff can access Web storage and publish Web content using the webbe.uww.edu server. All UW-Whitewater faculty and staff who are interested can obtain a Web Storage account.

Understanding UW-W Campus File Storage

(For faculty & staff)

Personal Files for Faculty & Staff - Understanding UW-W Campus File Storage

While convenient, and necessary when you are off-campus, the local hard-drive on your computer, drive C:, may not be the preferred place to store your files.

In case your hard drive fails or gets damaged (dropped laptop, spilled coffee, and so on), your important files and information stored on the C: drive could become irretrievably lost.

When you save files to your G: drive (or My Documents folder), the files are saved to a network drive - it's securely backed up, and accessible from anywhere: classrooms, labs, and even from computers off-campus (with your Net-ID). You may have other network drives: the H: drive for your department's files, and the T: drive for your project and group files.

To set up network storage on your university owned Mac, follow these instructions.

If you would like to publish a Web site, or publish files where they are accessible to anyone, your web space comes in handy.

You can use up to 500 MB of public server space for your website (or other publicly available files).

If creating a webpage from scratch is not your thing, consider a blog instead: it's easy to create, edit, and maintain, at blogs.uww.edu.

Get started with Google Docs.

This is UW-W's online storage location for student files, but it can be used by all faculty and staff.

Accessible from ANYWHERE on- or off-campus. You can log-in with your Net-ID, and upload / download files, create and edit files online, and share files and folders with others.

We have short online videos you can watch to learn how to use Google Docs.

For assistance with Online Storage Options, contact the Helpdesk: 262.472.4357 or