Operations and Supply Chain Management


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What is operations and supply chain management?

Operations and supply chain management is a growing and rapidly evolving area of employment being shaped by international competition. If resources - people, money, machinery, facilities, material and information - are to be used wisely, operations management personnel must be familiar with computer technology, quantitative methods, and planning and problem-solving techniques useful in analyzing business systems. Operations management personnel must also have computer and analytical skills, keep abreast of current technology and know when to incorporate new technology into their organization. In addition, they need excellent communication skills to work with everyone from those on the assembly line to those in top management.

Excellent reputation in the Midwest.  Highest starting salaries $45,000+


APICS& ISM Partners

We view our program as an integral part of your supply chain. Hence, to ensure quality graduates the program has both depth and rigor.  By partnering with industry we ensure that the graduates are up to date with the latest developments in the field.

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MBA Program Emphasis in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Undergraduate program in Operations management & Supply Chain Management or Operations Management with a Project Management emphasis