Mapping UWW Green Supply Chains

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The scope of this project is to clarify and guide campus sustainability efforts by exploring elements of the UWW supply chain system.  We will review current literature and industry ‘best practices’ to rationalize sustainability principles and apply them to the materials arena for the campus.  We hope this project better quantifies sustainability measures and demonstrates how they can then be applied to all the arenas that contribute to UWW’s total CO2 Footprint.  We have assembled available purchasing, waste management, and survey data and developed tools that can be used internally by UWW management for sustainability decision support.  The reports are assembled in the sections provided along with electronic versions, presentation power points, and Excel templates/files.

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Introduction Tanya Franklin

Metrics Tanya Franklin

Forecasting Sudiyanti Sudiyanti

MRP Kraivit Tungsanga

Network Mapping Pavel Crha

Network Mapping Spreadsheet Pavel Crha

Outputs Tanya Clausius

Supplier Selection Emmanuel Akili

Costing Gary Otte

Conclusion Tanya Franklin