Researching learning and identity change through engagement, creation, and mastery of technology skills in social media and computer game affinity spaces.


Welcome to my new page. At the moment, it is extremely bare. That is by design. Since I am teaching an introductory course on web development, I am going back to the basics and creating an example page for my students, using JUST the tags that we are learning about in class. Watch this site as we introduce new tags and techniques!

About Me

I'm pretty much interested in everything and am the epitome of a life-long learner. No sooner am I done with a degree than I am considering enrolling for another one. Even at this momement, I am considering one or two. There is always something new to learn!!

About a year ago, I received my Ed.D. in Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. My emphasis was on educational technology with a particular focus on the educational uses of computer and videogames and the cultural, social, and policy issues that this raises. What I really wanted to do was improve online education through playful, experiential learning in sites such as Second Life, Gaia Online, and World of Warcraft.

Yes, I research games. It's a rough life.

Prior to getting my doctorate, I put my B.A. in Philosophy (with a minor in Classical Studies) from St. Olaf College and my B.S. in Computer Science (math minor) from the University of Minnesota to good use as a software developer, trainer, and consultant.

Somewhere along the line, I picked up an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from the University of Minnesota and spent a year mucking around the Curriculum and Instruction Department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Family and Pets


I have a husband who also works at UWW - at the Young Auditorium. I strongly encourage you to check out their season and enjoy live theater and music! As much as I love digital media and online communities, there is something also uniquely valuable in attending live performances.

My only daughter is in graduate school, working on her Ph.D. in computer science. While I can't take any credit, I am very proud of her and the work she is doing!


We also have two pets. One very lovable collie and one very soft but psycho cat. If you are very lucky, I might get pictures of them up. Don't let the cat's innocent look fool you. You have been warned.

Interests and Hobbies

When I am not studying, I do have some fun. I like to:

Currently, I am enjoying some indie games on my PS3 and PS4: Flower and Journey.