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Blake and the Romantics

Web Sites devoted to Blake

The Blake Archive by Morris Eaves, Robert Essick, and Joseph Viscomi and supported by IATH at the U of Virginia. Currently under the construction, the archive will have some 3000 images (2/3 of the Illuminated Books and 1/3 of paintings, drawings and engravings. There will eventually be multiple copies of all 19 Illuminated Books. Currently available:

The Blake Digital Text Project by Nelson Hilton, U of Georgia. This project contains:

The William Blake Page by Richard Record. This site contains:

Web Concordances: William Blake--Songs of Innocence and of Experience by Rob Watt, U of Dundee.

Visions of the Daughters of Albion, text and color plates. Prepared by Michael Gamer, U of Pennsylvania.


Lists of Romantic Web Sites

The Voice of the Shuttle: English Romantics Page by Alan Liu, U. of California, Santa Barbara. The most comprehensive set of links to sites relevant to the Romantic Period. Also see the Main English Page.

Literary Resources--Romantic by Jack Lynch, U of Pennsylvania. A valuable collection of links. Also look at Jack Lynch's Literary Resources on the Net.

Romantic Links, Home Pages, and Electronic Texts by Michael Gamer, U. of Pennsylvania. Links to other Romanticism sites.

Romanticism On Line: A List of URLs by Laura Mandell, Miami U. of Ohio. A list of links and URLs for a number of Romanticism sites.