Description: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, School of Social Work


Description: Yiyoon Chung

Curriculum vitae


Yiyoon Chung, Ph.D., M.S.W.

Assistant Professor of Social Work

  • Ph.D., School of Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2011)
  • M.S.W., School of Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2008)
  • M.A., Social Welfare, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (2004)
  • B.A., Majors in Psychology & English Literature; Minor in Social Work, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea (2001)

Consulting Editor for Social Work Research (August 2012 - Present)

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Laurentide 5208
Whitewater, WI 53190

Cell: (608) 345-4682
Office: (262) 472-5272


Research Interests

Welfare of children and families, social policy (especially the intersection of multiple social policies including welfare, child support, child welfare, and criminal justice policy), policy analysis, program evaluation, and poverty and inequality

Teaching Interests

Social policy, policy analysis, quantitative research methods, advanced statistical methods, program evaluation, introduction to social welfare and social work, macro practice, and social theories.

Media Coverage


New York Times,

Sept. 26, 2011


U.S. News & World Report,

Oct. 12, 2011


UW-Madison News,

Apr. 25, 2012


News Talk,

Apr. 25, 2012


Milwuakes Journal Sentinel,

Apr. 25, 2012


Chicago Policy Review,

Dec. 5, 2013



Representative Publications


Chung, Yiyoon. Julia Isaacs, and Timothy Smeeding. (2013). "Advancing poverty measurement: The antipoverty effectiveness of the safety net in Wisconsin during the Great Recession." Social Service Review. 87 (3) [Abstract |Paper]


Cancian, Maria, Carolyn Heinrich, and Chung, Yiyoon. (2013). "Discouraging Disadvantaged Fathers' Employment: An Unintended Consequence of Policies Designed to Support Families." Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. 32 (4) [Abstract |Paper]


Chung, Yiyoon. (2012). "The Effects of Parental Imprisonment on Child Support and Food Stamp Benefits Received by Young Nonmarital Children's Families." Social Service Review 86 (3) [Abstract |Paper |Fun Animation! (45 secs)]

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Chung, Yiyoon. (2011). "Children's Exposure to Paternal Imprisonment: Incidence, Evolution and Correlates among Young Children." Children and Youth Services Review 33 (5) 575-587 [Abstract | Paper]


Chung, Yiyoon. (2011). "Child Support as Labor Regulation." Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare 38 (3) 73-99 [Abstract | Paper]



Selected Working Papers


Yiyoon Chung. (Under review). "Do Food Stamps Act as a Safety Net for Mothers Facing Economic Shock? An Analysis of Black and White Mothers' Responses to Paternal Imprisonment." [Abstract]


Cancian, Maria, Yiyoon Chung, and Daniel R. Meyer. (2013). "The Relationship between Male Imprisonment and Multiple-Partner Fertility." An earlier version of the paper presented at the 2011 APPAM Conference, Washington, DC (November 5) [Abstract]


Yiyoon Chung (2013). "Racial Disparities in Political Participation as a Consequence of Public Policies." [Abstract]


Yiyoon Chung and Lawrence Berger. "The Effects of Fathers' Imprisonment on Child Maltreatment." [Abstract]


Jeannine Rowe, Kayla Dunning, and Yiyoon Chung. 2013. "Enhancing Practice Skills: The Benefits of Professional Development Trainings." To be presented at the 18th Society and Social Work Research (SSWR) Annual Conference. San Antonio, TX, January 2014. [Abstract]


Sarah Hessenauer, Jeannine Rowe, and Yiyoon Chung. 2013. "Development of a Practice Behaviors Measure." Presented at the 59th Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting (APM) Conference, Dallas, Texas, November 2013. [Abstract]


Selected Policy/Media Reports


The fourth annual Wisconsin Poverty Reports series (2012) are available at :

- Wisconsin Poverty Report: How the Safety Net Protected Families from Poverty in 2010, Yiyoon Chung, Julia B. Isaacs, Timothy M. Smeeding, and Katherine A. Thornton, April 2012

- Wisconsin Poverty Report: Policy Context, Methodology, and Results for 2010, Yiyoon Chung, Julia B. Isaacs, Timothy M. Smeeding, and Katherine A. Thornton, May 2012

More of related research is available at


Maria Cancian, Jennifer L. Noyes, and Yiyoon Chung. 2010. "The Income and Program Participation of Wisconsin TANF Applicants." Report to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, Madison, WI. October. [Abstract]


Maria Cancian, Jennifer L. Noyes, Yiyoon Chung, and Katherine Thornton. 2009. "Holding Child Support Orders of Incarcerated Payers in Abeyance: Interim Evaluation Report." Report to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, Madison, WI. December. [Abstract]