Scott Bradley, Ph.D.

Department of Communicative Disorders

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

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Examples of Hearing and Hearing Loss Simulation on the Web
Audio Clip Host URL Format
Cochlear Implant Simulation  UT-Dallas  WAVE
FM Auditory Trainer Simulation  UW- Whitewater  Quicktime
EAR Audio and Hearing Loss Demonstration  E-A-R  Real Player
Hearing Loss Simulation  UW-Whitewater  Quicktime
The Soundry:Interactive Sound Lab  Java
Sample On-Line Lectures  UW-Whitewater  Quicktime
Examples of Speech and Speech-Language Disorders on the Web
Audio Clip Host URL Format
Case Studies in Communication Sciences and Disorders UT-Austin Quicktime
Hypernasal Speech Samples No. Illinois Univ. Real Player
Examples of Stuttering MN State-Mankato Varies
What Does Stuttering Sound Like? MN State-Mankato Varies
Video Stroboscopy (also includes video)  UW-Madison Quicktime
Vocal Cord Movies (also includes video) U of Washington Quicktime

Other Links

Web Based Audio: Implications for Communication Sciences and Disorders
Creating and Uploading Audio Files for the Web using Quicktime
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Department of Communicative Disorders
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