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Current research students and faculty shares strategies and tips for getting involved in undergraduate research in geography/geology

Faculty research interests

Why do undergraduate research in geography/geology?

Undergraduate research experience is not just for those going on to graduate school. A 2009 survey of 302 employers by Hart Research Associates found that the employers are increasingly looking for the following skills in their new hires:

You may not be able to gain these skills in a traditional classroom setting, but you get to learn ALL these skills if you participate in undergraduate research.

Undergraduate research in the Geography/Geology Department

Students and faculty in the Department of Geography and Geology are highly involved in conducting faculty-student collaborative research. The department has two computer labs with state-of-the-art GIS and remote sensing software and laboratories for soil, water, fossil and rock analyses to be used for teaching and research. Interdisciplinary collaborations are also common.

Ongoing projects
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