Dr. Prajukti (juk) Bhattacharyya
Associate Professor
Department of Geography and Geology
Upham 119
800 Main St.
Whitewater, WI 53190
Ph: (262) 472-5257

Spring '12 Office Hours:
Tuesday, 1:30 4:00
Thursday, 1:30 4:00, or by appointment

Geology publications
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Spring '12 Courses

GEOLGY 301:Environmental geology
This is a 3 credit non-lab science course. This course would introduce students to the various interactions between geological and human processes. Examples of topics covered include earthquake and volcanic hazards and mitigation processes, floods, landslides, soil problems, mineral resources and mining hazards etc.
GEOLGY 318:Geologic Structures and Field Methods
This is a 4-credit upper level lab intensive science course designed for geography/geology and education majors. This course introduces students to various geological structures such as folds, faults shear zones etc., how and where they form, how to recognize them in the field and on geologic maps and why it is important to study them. Special emphasis is placed on various techniques of geological fieldwork, field data analyses using stereonets, and geologic map preparation and interpretation.

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