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Course Schedule
Week Subject Lecture Notes Mishkin Reading

Introduction to Financial Markets and Money

Skim chapters 1-3

  Review of AD-AS


Appendix Chapter 1
Chapter 23 - pp 536:550
Chapter 25

Introduction to Money; Review of AD/AS and effects of monetary policy.


Chapters 3


  In Class Workshop: A Trading Experiment
(Please download instructions on the right)
Instructions for Trading Experiment  

Introduction to Interest Rates

Lecture3.pdf Chapter 4
  Experiment: Scheduled for second half of regular class time on Thursday!    
4 Central Banks and the Federal Reserve System Lecture4.pdf Chapter 14
5 Money Supply and Money Creation; Money multiplier; factors affecting money supply Lecture5.pdf Chapters 15 and 16
6 Midterm 1 Exam: in class at regular scheduled time on Tuesday    
  Market for Reserves and Federal Funds Lecture6.pdf Chapter 17
7 The Demand for Money Lecture7.pdf Chapter 22
8 Goals and Targets of Monetary Policy Lecture8.pdf Chapter 18
Chapter 21: pp. 487-488, 496-512
Chapter 27: pp 650-655
9 The IS-LM Model Lecture9.pdf 23
10 IS-LM Part II Lecture10.pdf Chapter 24, 25
11 Midterm 2 Exam: in class at regular scheduled time on Thursday  
12 Policy Implications in IS-LM; Shocks Lecture11.pdf
  Experiment: Scheduled for second half of regular class time on Thursday!    
13 The Behaviour of Interest Rates Lecture12.pdf Chapter 5
14 Risk and Term Structure Lecture13.pdf Chapter 6
15 The Stock Market; Expectations Lecture14.pdf Chapter 7



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